Headwaters of the Frio Marathon / Half Marathon / 10K

A Note from our Race Director​​


Dear Runner/Walker:  You are being offered unprecedented and unparalleled access to one of the most extraordinary ranches in all of Texas. 

I learned about Headwaters of the Frio in my quest to run 100 marathons/ultra marathons (defined as anything over 26.2 miles). My running career began in 1999 when I signed up to run the Dallas marathon and used the San Antonio marathon as a “training run” the month before. I stumbled onto the ‘Texas Marathon Challenge’ (5 marathons in 4 months, with the final two being 6 days apart). I was hooked!! After running 40 marathons and finally qualifying and running Boston, I started to want something more. I learned about trail running through friends, and the ultras began! I have been able to complete four 100 mile ultra marathons, and four Ironman triathlon’s. With age and wear and tear, my times have become slower but the passion remains. I then decided to try and do 100 marathons/ultras, but was forced to find races with more generous cut off times. That is how I stumbled on this great race.

I can say without reservation that this is one of the top races I have ever completed. You will run up hills, down hills, through valleys and canyons, across stream beds (complete with amazing dinosaur tracks) and the Frio River, through Longhorn and horse pastures, over rocks, roots, ravines, witnessing amazing birds, flowers, and wildlife along the way. This course has it all.  Whether you do the entire marathon, the half marathon or 10K individually, or as a team, we hope this will rank right up there with the greatest run or walk you've ever done. The team is hard at work to make this one of the most family friendly race events too!

I was so impressed with the level of runner/walker support, food, aid, water, and every little thing handled from start to finish, that I leapt to fill the very big shoes of last year’s Race Director Bryce Gaudian.

The purpose of the event to raise support for Big Springs Ranch for Children and sister ranch, Hill Country Youth Ranch is so incredibly worthy.  We promise you the ultimate in the stewardship of the funds you raise.

The web-site gives you great tools to assist in your fundraising efforts. The fundraising minimums we have set for you for the full marathon ($750) the half marathon ($500) and the 10K ($250) are so very achievable (less than half of what was required last year, so quite the bargain!), and we hope you will be inspired to go well beyond these amounts to support these epicenters of compassion to abandoned, abused, and severely traumatized children. 

We would love to have you join us next April 6th, 2019 weekend!  Don't miss this one!!!  


Nicole Strong-Barrett, Race Director

Headwaters of the Frio Marathon/Half Marathon/10K

Contact info: nicolestrongbarrett@gmail.com